Monday, July 19, 2010

Landform Detectives & Eco Defenders

A tip of the hat once again to @ktenkely for an excellent resource. Read her review at:

National Geographic's Jason Science Landform Detectives allows you to "Travel the globe to unlock the secrets of Earth’s strangest and most inspiring landforms in The JASON Project’s geology game: Landform Detectives. Unlock new, challenging landforms and earn commendations to place on the leaderboard!

Teachers, students, parents, and residents of Earth everywhere will love this fascinating trip through the amazing processes of geology. Look at mountains, valleys, and rivers in a whole new way as you solve the puzzle of how they got to be that way, and think about how long it took to happen. Ice, water, wind, and sand are some of the unusual suspects in the amazing story of our Earth! Discover your inner geologist today!" 

Check out the rest of their curriculum at covering weather, ecology,and energy.
Eco Defenders is another science game that deals with the issue of invasive species.
"With some help from JASON Host Researcher Russell Cuhel, size up one of three ecosystems before designing an invasive species to infiltrate and disrupt, eliminating rival species and witnessing the rippling repercussions your invader has on the ecosystem as a whole.

Pick a defense mechanism to fortify your invader against the natives, color it to better blend with the environment you choose, select which trophic level it will inhabit (don't worry, you'll learn what this means!), and release it into the wild!"