Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Pedagogy of Technology

I've been developing a set of overarching goals for students to meet the demands of 21st Century learning. I began by looking at the things I was having students do in class and that I now advise teachers and schools that they should be doing as well. I was able to narrow it down to four. They are not new, nor are they terribly unique, but I wanted to put it out there as my own personal manifesto and mission. I'm definitely interested in feedback to help me further refine and develop.

Students should know and be able to do the following:

  • Use a variety of digital tools, to collaborate and communicate.  - Google Drive, social media, blogging, threaded discussions, cell phones for student response...
  • Demonstrate their learning utilizing various digital tools. - Create multimedia presentations, websites, digital portfolios, videos, animations, etc.
  • Be an independent, self-directed learner. - Instead of memorizing information 'just in case' students need to know it, they learn where and how to access and evaluate information when needed - a 'just in time' model.
  • Develop global and digital citizenship. - Engage in safe, respectful digital practice while curating  and monitoring their digital footprint. Being connected to, and mindful of, the larger world.
The idea here is that a variety of tools can then be introduced to teachers and students with the focus being on what we DO with technology, not on the technology itself. Remember its about the learning and the pedagogy. This is the pedagogy of technology. Too often I see trainings that focus too much on the tech, not the pedagogy. Its also important to note that the focus should be on what STUDENTS do with technology. The one DOING is the one LEARNING, and when the technology is only in the hands of the teachers... Well, you get the picture. Please jump in to the conversation here, because I'm just getting started.