Thursday, January 7, 2010

Math Facts Practice - Math Two and Cyber Challenge

Nice math facts practice site from ktenkely and 2sparkley at
The setup looks like math flash cards, but students enter the answer and get immediate feedback on their answer. The only thing I didn't like in my brief trial of it was that you have to manually click the mouse in the answer box every time you want to enter an answer. 

The math facts practice site I have used for the few years is Math Mastery Cyber Challenge at
You get 60 seconds, with timer and ticking sound effect, to answer as many questions as you can in each of the four basic math operations. They offer two different levels of difficulty and give feedback on answers at the end of the time. You don't have to manually click the mouse to type your answer in the box, but you do have to manually click on the "next problem" button to enter the answer. It also allows students to post their score at the end of each run to allow them to compare between multiple tries and show progress. As far as I know it only saves the scores as long as the students are on the page, so there would be no progress comparison between days. I solve this by having students record their daily top scores in their agenda. I have also used wall posters to track top scores for classroom contests.

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